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Thumbsucking.... 30/08/2012
Chelsee Healey is developing a documentary for the BBC about adult thumbsuckers - and we're looking for people to take part.
If you're over 21 and still suck your thumb, or perhaps you know someone who does, please get in contact, we'd love to hear from you.

FACEBOOK 08/08/2012
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** NEWS UPDATE** 07/08/2012
Apologies,once again it has been too long since I have updated the news page, but as always we have busy at Laine Management, here's what's been happening.....

I think most exciting news was the gorgeous Chelsee Healey dancing her way to 2nd place in 2011's Strictly Come Dancing, well done Chelsee we're so proud of you!

Equally as exciting was Joseph Gilgun appearing on the big screen once again as the very intimidating 'Hydell' in 'Lockout' starring alongside Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace, Joe received some fantastic reviews, well done Joe!!

The very talented Jordan Hill secured the role of 'Aaron' in 'Hit and Miss' which has recently been shown on Sky Atlantic

Jack Harper secured his first commercial 'Cottages4U'

Jordan and Jack have then gone on to secure roles on 'Spike Island' playing the roles of Kev and Jay. They join Orla Poole, who you may recognise from 'In with the Flynns', Orla has secured the role of 'Rachel' in 'Spike Island'.

Yemisi Oyinloye secured her first Professional Theatre role as 'Ellen' in the fantastic 'Angus, Thongs and Even More Snogging' which she performed at West Yorkshire Playhouse.

Shareesa Valentine secured a role on new ITV Drama 'Antony and Cleopatra' (working title) starring alongside Sir Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid.

Jasmine Payne secured a role on a corporate video for 'Baxters Healthcare,.

Steven Bradshaw secured the role of 'Dad' in the Yorkshire and Clydsdale bank commercial.

Max Taylor secured a speaking role on 'Coronation Street' where he was see buying food from Kylie and getting into trouble with the headmaster.

Young Tyler Burns and Anayya James appeared in an Anti Smoking Campaign highlighting the dangers of smoking close to children.

Paddy Harrison, Kasim Pugh and Amanda Howard all secured roles on BBC Crimewatch Roadshow

Freya Lund secured a role on the Jet 2 Commercial.

Newcomer to Laine Management Hayden Thomas secured a role on Music Magpie Commercial.

Huge Congrulations to all!

ONGOING ROLES... 12/07/2011
Hope you are continuing to watch and still enjoying our TV regulars as follows:


DANNY MILLER in Emmerdale.

CHELSEE HEALEY in Waterloo Road.


KIRA MARTIN in Shameless.

Keep up the good work!!

IN WITH THE FLYNN'S 12/07/2011
Be sure to watch our lovely ORLA POOLE in her first television role of 'Chloe' starring alongside Will Meller in 'In With the Flynns' BBC ONE, Wednesday at 8:30pm. WELL DONE ORLA!

Massive Congratulations to AYESHA MAYNARD and COBY HAMILTON who were selected for this new comedy teaser film. Well Done both of you!

Huge Well Done to JAMES OATES who secured the role of 'Raider' in CORONATION STREET. Hope you were all watching when the 'Raider' got his comeuppance when new barmaid Stella got her hands on him!

Another news burst for you all, here goes:

Congratulations to MAX TAYLOR who starred alongside Andrew Flintoff in the Easter Morrisons Commercial, Well done Max!

Well Done to SHAREESA VALENTINE who secured a role in the recent 'God Only Knows' Volkswagen Commercial.

Congratulations to STEVEN BRADSHAW who secured the role of the 'Dad' in the recent Sharwoods Commercial.

Well Done to NOAH ROAH, LUCA HYDE AND LUKE HOWARD who were all chosen from our 'Younger Drama Classes to take part in the Oakbase/Reel Fish Viral.

RIAS TVC 12/07/2011

We Buy Any Car... 25/03/2011
CAITLIN WHALEN can currently be seen in the webuyanycar commercial, dancing along to the song. Congratulations Caitin!

Sainsburys Commercial 25/03/2011
Congratulations to: HANNAH GODFREY, TOM GODFREY, KRISHAN PATEL, NEETA PATEL, RAJ PATEL, STEVEN BRADSHAW, SAMUEL WILKS, HARVEY WILKS, REBECCA WILKS AND CAITLIN WHALEN, who were all selected to appear in the Sainsburys Christmas 2011 commercial alongside Jamie Oliver.

News News News 25/03/2011
Once again I am having to apologise for the delay in getting the news updated, what can I say, sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the week....anyhow, here's what's been happening over the past few months...
LAINE MANAGEMENT ACT4TV showcase proved to be a huge success, so much so, that LUCY ALLEN secured two episodes of Coronation Street, as the speaking part of Choir girl in CORONATION STREET, working alongside the lovely Brooke and Sacha. Well done Lucy!

DANIEL HOLT AND HOLLY PATERSON appeared in their very first commercial, CITV GULLIVERS WORLD, alongside HARVEY WILKS, who you may recognise from the recent CO-OP CHICKEN DINNER COMMERCIAL

DONNA GOLCHEREH, another one of our ACT4TV students made a great appearance in the BENYLIN indents during the Alan Titchmarsh show. Well done Donna!

SHAREESA VALENTINE and ALISHA BARLOW joined the new ICELAND MUM’S in “Im a Celebrity Get Me out Of Here” idents, Well done girls!

HANNAH and TOM GODFREY were both been featured in the NINTENDO commercial and enjoyed playing the games, in fact it wasn't like work at all. Well done to both of them!

Coronation Street newcomer... 24/01/2011
Be sure to watch the lovely Miss Ellie Leach in her debut appearance on Coronation Street at 8:30pm this evening. Ellie is joining the series as Faye, the new member of the Windass Family. A huge Congratulations to you Ellie, can't wait to see you on the cobbles!

National TV Awards 2011 10/01/2011
Exciting News!!!! Not one, but two of our fantastic actors have been shortlisted for the National Television Awards, please please vote for Danny Miller as Best Serial Drama Performance and Marc Silcock as Best Newcomer at thankyou

Monday 9th August - Laine's first ever TV Showcase... 05/08/2010
In the past we have promoted our drama students by giving them the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience, these have always been theatre based pieces, but this time we have decided to do something a little different...

This Showcase has a new innovative style which we are sure will appeal to all Casting Directors.

The artists have been asked to find scenes from well-known drama productions that have been cast by well respected northern casting directors.

The showcase comprises of 12 audition pieces lasting no more that 2 minutes each, which is in keeping with the average scene length of a broadcast drama.

For the first time, you will be able to see these artists on multiple TV screens within the bar area and for the smokers, if you prefer you can watch outside on the river terrace.

If you are interested in attending what we hope will be an interested and enjoying experience for all, please contact or the office on 0161 789 7775.

Shameless New Series 29/07/2010
With the new series of Shameless up and running, we are delighted to say that both Kira Martin and Jordan Hill have secured lead roles. This is Kira's first TV role and we are very excited for her and look forward to seeing her on our screens soon. Jordan, despite only be 12 years old, already has a fantastic list of credits, we know he'll do a fantastic job as always. Well Done to both Jordan and Kira!

News update 29/07/2010
Hi, Apologies for the lack of news over the past couple of months, for one reason on another I just haven't got round to updating, so here's a quick run down to bring you up to date.....

Congratulations to..

Jordan Hill and Jasmine Payne, who both secured roles on Animals do the Funniest Things and did such a good job that they have been asked to return later in the year. Huge Well Done to both of them.

Orla Poole and Tim Hennel, both of whom were asked to take part in the rehearsed read for Grounded for Life, this has since been commissioned and Orla has been offered the role of Chloe as she did such a good job. Well Done Orla, we look forward to seeing you on our screens soon.

Leah Burns, put on her dancing shoes and danced through the a Corporate Video for Clarks Shoes, Well Done Leah!

Ellie Leach, who you may recognise from the Staples Stationary Commercial, can currently be seen in the new McDonalds Commercial, Well Done Ellie!

Florence Rimmer, who did a fantastic job in securing a role on her first TV Commercial, playing the role of the older sister in the Toby Harry Potter Commercial, Well done Flo!

Ann Stubbs, who managed to get to the airport, but not quite to the sunshine, playing the role of the Grandma in the new Jet 2 Commercial. You may also recognise Ann from the Iceland Commercials, Well Done Ann!

Think that's all for now, I won't leave it as long next time!

LOOK OUT FOR Marc Silcock who joined the cast of Emmerdale last month playing the role of Jackson and is part of the explosive storyline with Laine Managements Danny Miller, who play's Aaron Livesey. CONGRATULATIONS MARC!

HOLLYOAKS 06/04/2010
CONGRATULATIONS to Luca Hyde, who secured the role of Johnny in 3 episodes of Hollyoaks which has recently been screened, yet another success from our youngest drama class. Well done Luca!

Street Dance Classes with Marcquelle Ward 19/02/2010

We are delighted to announce that we will be starting street dance classes every Wednesday.
These will be held at our theatre workshop in Manchester and open to students from ages 7years and upwards.

The tutor will be Marcquelle Ward who was a winner on DANCE X and then went on to star in BRITTANIA HIGH as BB, He has also recently filmed an episode of Doctors.

As we are expecting a high level of interest in these classes please contact Laine Management on 0161 789 7775 with details of your child/children’s name, address, tel number, age etc

DRAMA RE-OPEN 11/01/2010

SNOW SNOW SNOW 07/01/2010

DRAMA CLASSES 06/01/2010

DRAMA CLASSES 05/01/2010


Xmas Show 17/12/2009
A huge congratulations to all members of Laine Theatre Workshop, who took part in our Christmas Show at the The Willows. There were some exceptional voices and performances. We will keep you posted on the plans we have for various shows next year!

BBC Education 20/11/2009
LAUREN THOMAS has just finished filming 'The Power of Poetry' Educational program for BBC 2 schools.

Waterloo Road VI 20/11/2009
With a weeks break from Waterloo Road Series 5 ending, Series 6 is up and running over in Rochdale. We are pleased to announce that Series Veteron CHELSEE HEALEY is returning as Janeece Bryant throughout the series.

Prank Patrol 20/11/2009
SHAZIRA BEGUM can be seen soon in CBBCs Prank Patrol, conning the subjects of the pranksters into believing she is a world famous Bollywood Star.

McDonalds 09/11/2009
DANIELLE SWIDRAK has just finished filming the new McDonalds TVC, cast in the role of 'The Ice Cream Girl'.

Laine Management also provided over 70 Supporting Artists for the new McDonalds Christmas Commercial. 37 children were within the booking, from the age of 5 years, to 12 years - who are all pupils at Laine Theatre workshop.

It was a fun few days, and everyone is eagerly awaiting the commercial hitting our screens very soon!

Sainsburys 15/10/2009
The Sainsburys Autumn Family Campaign has started, watch out for GREG TENCH playing the ongoing role of Daniel in the 'Roast Pork' commercial, amongst others.

Heinz 13/10/2009
DANIELLE SWIDRAK, and brothers SAMUEL and HARVEY WILKS, can soon be seen playing lead roles in the new HEINZ commercials, further to beating off lots and lots of competition.


TRACEY BEAKER - 'Beaker's Back' and CHUCKLEVISION 15/09/2009
Rising Star JORDAN HILL, who was recently seen playing Anna Friel's son in Jimmy McGovern's THE STREET, is currently working back to back on two productions in two different cities.

Over in Leeds, Jordan is filming the role of Martin Swift, in ‘The Chuckle Brothers’, who is the childhood arch enemy of Barry and Paul. He appears throughout various flashback scenes in the new series.

Whereas, over in Newcastle, CBBC were that impressed with Jordan throughout the audition process, they have wrote him into 'Beaker's Back', the new Tracey Beaker Series. Congratulations Jordan!

Scallywagga 15/09/2009
BBC's Scallywagga is back for another series. CHELSEE HEALEY, who is better known as Janeece Bryant in Waterloo Road, has just finished filming the role of Darren's sister.

Iceland 'Autumn and Winter' Commercials and Idents 15/09/2009
Laine Management Veteron Ann Stubbs, and Laine Theatre Workshop student Rebekah Bowman, have both been cast in various roles within the campaigns. Well Done to both!

Aqua Attack Commercial 15/09/2009
With 'Father and Son' the highly anticipated drama hitting our screens in Autumn, look out for TREMAYNE MAYNARD who will also be seen in the new Aqua Attack Water Gun TVC, in the run up to Xmas. Well Done Tremayne!

Cathedral City Commercial 15/09/2009
JULIA ZAK has just shot the new Cathedral City Commercial, playing The Mother, one of the lead roles.

Sainsburys 06/08/2009
GREG TENCH has been confirmed to return as Daniel in the ongoing family campaign for Sainsburys Supermarket.

Survivors II 06/08/2009
Survivors is to return for a second series, and Laine Management's very own JACK RICHARDSON will be playing Peter, the son of Julie Graham. Jack will appear in episodes 4, 5, and 6. Congratulations.

Ingenious 04/08/2009
HANNAH GODFREY has been cast as Sally, the lead role in the new CBBC show 'Ingenious', produced by Lime Pictures. The programme is a new one hour childrens drama, based around the Cheshire area. A refreshing role for Hannah, after her recent role in 'Paradox'.

Inside Soap Nominees Announced 07/07/2009
Laine Management's DANNY MILLER, who plays 'Emmerdale' trouble maker Aaron Livesey, has received two nominations for this years Inside Soap Awards. Danny has been nominated for 'Best Newcomer' and quite fittingly 'Best Bad Boy'.

To vote visit

BEST NEWCOMER.... 30/06/2009
CONGRATULATIONS to Danny Miller who has been nominated as Best Newcomer for his role as Aaron Livesey in Emmerdale, please show your support by voting for Danny at

Asda 'George Back to School Campaign' 29/06/2009
LUCA HYDE (5 years) and ELLIE HARNEY (8 years), are currently shooting the new 'George at Asda' Commercial for their Summer back to school Campaign. A commercial debut for them both, after being taken onto the agency further to attending our drama school. Well done Ellie and Luca!!!

Another one for Robinsons 15/06/2009
With Summer approaching thick and fast, keep an eyeout for GRACE CLARKE who has just returned from London after filming a new Commercial for Robinsons 'Fruit Shoots'. Something else to watch out for is DANIELLE SWIDRAK playing the girlfriend in 'The Memory Programme' by BBC TV.

Shameless 12/06/2009
With many, many of Laine Management's Artists appearing as Principal Cast and within smaller roles throughout the past 6 series of Channel 4's 'SHAMELESS', we would like to congratulate SAM WALKER, who has been cast as Dillon in the seventh series, which has recently started filming.

Sam was spotted in one of our drama workshops by Casting Directors and asked to audition for the small role. For further information on Laine Theatre Workshop, contact one of the Laine Management Team at the office.

PARADOX 09/06/2009
A huge congratulations to HANNAH GODFREY who has recently been cast as the role of Michelle, in the upcoming BBC Production 'PARADOX'. Hannah starts filming in July... Well done Hannah!

Waterloo Road Series 5 02/06/2009
TACHIA NEWALL who plays Bolton Smilie and LAUREN THOMAS who plays Aleesha Dillon, have returned to the busy set of Waterloo Road to appear in their 3rd series of the show.

Commercials To Come 02/06/2009
Keep and eye out for lots of Laine Management Artistes in various up and coming commercials. GRAHAM WORTHINGTON appears in the new Robinson's 'Wimbledon' Commercial, and well done to KIRSTY DOYLE and MATTHEW KNOWLES who recently shot a Commercial for Neil Hudgell solicitors.

Craig Cash, better known for his involvement in programmes such as 'The Royle Family', and 'Sunshine' has cast and directed two recent Pataks commercials, featuring the following Laine Mgt Artistes... TIM HENNEL, ANGIE WYNNE, MARK BESWICK, SAMUEL WILKS, GRACE CLARKE, LEVI FRASER, SAM EVANS AND ALICE LAWLESS. A huge well done to all, and we look forward to 'Popular Taste' and 'Korma in a Jar' hitting our screens.

Awaydays The Movie... out in Cinemas now!!! 26/05/2009
Coronation Street's SACHA PARKINSON, who plays Sian Powers can now be seen on the Big Screen in 'Awaydays'. The Film is based on the bestselling novel by Kevin Sampson, directed by Pat Holden, and tells the story of a group of football fans during the Post-Punk era. Sacha plays the role of Natasha... check out the website

Prank Patrol 26/05/2009
Keep an eye out for DAVID McGARRY and EMMANUEL FABIYI in the up and coming CBeebies show 'Prank Patrol'. Both Actors start filming next week.

Ashley Margolis joins Hollyoaks 30/03/2009
Ashley Margolis is to join the cast of Hollyoaks, playing the role of ongoing character Ricky. Ashley starts filming very soon, so stay tuned to see what his character gets up to!

JOSEPH GILGUN is to appear opposite Film Legend Sir Michael Caine, in new British Crime Thriller 'HARRY BROWN'. Harry Brown is an elderly, former serviceman, drawn to vigilantism while living in a run-down 'burb, rife with gangs, guns and drugs.

Jo is currently filming his role of 'KENNY SOAMES', a Heroin Addict, who becomes involved with Harry Brown, played by Caine.

Along with his heavy schedule playing ELI DINGLE in 'EMMERDALE', it has been an exceptionally busy start to 2009 for Joseph, and refreshing for him to return to the Big Screen, after the success of 'THIS IS ENGLAND' back in 2006.

Coronation Street 26/01/2009
Sacha Parkinson appears as Sian Powers for the first time tonight, stay tuned to see what happens with the new Street regular.

Sacha began her training and career at the age of 5 years old in Laine Theatre Workshop's 'Baby Class'. For more information, on the classes for 4 - 7 year olds, contact Andy at the office.

Sainsburys Commercials 21/01/2009
With numerous commercials already been shown, and 'Daniel's Day Out' currently being aired, watch out for Greg Tench and the rest of the 'Sainsbury's Family' in up and coming Sainsbury's Adverts 'Active Kids PE' and 'Pig Pork'.

Waterloo Road Series IV 08/01/2009
A huge congratulations to Laine Management's REECE NOI for kicking off the 4th series of Waterloo Road with a fantastic and gripping performance as Earl Kelly in the 1st episode last night. Waterloo Road can be seen every Wednesday on BBC1 at 8pm. Stay tuned to see other Laine Management Artistes CHELSEE HEALEY, TACHIA NEWALL and LAUREN THOMAS in their character's featured episodes as the series continues.

JIMMY McGOVERN 19/12/2008
Three of Laine Management's young actors have been confirmed for various projects written by Jimmy McGovern that are due to shoot in the New Year.
THE STREET shall be returning to our screens, with JORDAN HILL playing the role of Jack in the episode 'Dee's Story'. Also, a series of new 45 minute daily dramas by the writer, covering daily current affair issues, entitled 'MOVING ON', will feature JACK RYAN and LUKE ROSKELL as principal characters in one of the episodes. Well done boys!

Sacha Parkinson joins Coronation Street 12/12/2008
After years of appearing in top British Drama and Film, Laine Management are pleased to announce that SACHA PARKINSON has joined the cast of Coronation Street, playing the role of SIAN POWERS. With two films to hit the cinemas next year, her filming on the cobbles this week has been a lovely end to a very busy 2008 for both Sacha and Laine Management. Well done Sach!

Hollyoaks 26/11/2008
Well done to GEORGE BRETTELL, who will be filming his 2nd role in the popular soap after appearing in a few episodes as a child. Playing the role of Colin, George will be filming his episode in the New Year.

Another Actimel... 26/11/2008
After his first cheeky appearance alongside Sir Bobby Charleton, JORDAN HILL has just finished filming his 2nd commercial for the brand, which will be on over the Xmas period.

Emmerdale 07/11/2008
After a month of filming, DANNY MILLER makes his Emmerdale debut as ongoing character Aaron Livesey, son of Chastity, on Monday. Set to cause a bit of trouble in true Dingle related form, tune in to ITV at 7pm from Monday to see what goes on.

Waterloo Road Series 4 07/11/2008
With Waterloo Road finishing, Laine Management would like to thank everybody for their hardwork and the long hours they put in. Watch out for CHELSEE HEALEY, TACHIA NEWALL, LAUREN THOMAS, REECE NOI, STEPHANIE VICKERS and many of our child extras when the show hits our screens in January 09. Well done everyone.

Shameless 28/10/2008
Watch out for Craig Broad playing the role of Huey in the next series of Shameless. Huey is one of a group of Jack-the-lads, who get, shall we say carried away with the situation.

Britain's got Pop Factor... 29/10/2008
Just a quick note to offer a huge belated congratulations to all those from Laine Management who were involved in Peter Kay's one off special. Whether you were playing a mock auditionee, or a member of the crowd, the long days and early starts paid off!!!

Doctors 28/10/2008
CAITLIN HARRISON, who you may recognise from her stint in Waterloo Road, has been cast in the role of Stella, for an episode of Doctors. Filming is due to start next week. Well done Caitlin.

With Brittania High, starting on Sunday, starring Laine Mgt's very own Marcquelle Ward, we are now enrolling for our Music, Dance and Drama classes. Classes commence Wednesday, 5th of November, from 5.30pm - 8.30pm, and the minimum age is 8 years old. These 3 hour classes will cost £10 which is payable every week, and rehearsals are starting immediately for a production of High School Musical at a Manchester Theatre in April. For any further information contact the office on 0161 789 7775.

TV DRAMA DEBUT 09/10/2008
Tuesday saw the Television Drama debut of GRACE CLARKE, in SUNSHINE, the 3 part drama series written by The Royle Family's Craig Cash and starring Manchester Comedian turned Hollywood star Steve Coogan. An excellent performance by Grace, playing the role of Young Bernadette.

THE RETURN 12/09/2008
With his role in Waterloo Road Series 4 wrapped, REECE NOI will be off to Dublin for 2 months to film Frank Deasy's 4 part drama THE RETURN, playing Vincent O'Connor, one of the lead roles. Following in his footsteps, another one of this years busy young actors, TREMAYNE MAYNARD will be playing a much younger Vincent throughout the series. Filming commences next month.

Already representing ALEX CARTER who plays Jamie Hope, and JOSEPH GILGUN who plays Eli Dingle in Emmerdale, the soap is welcoming former Grange Hill pupil DANNY MILLER to it's cast. Danny is due to start filming in the next few weeks, but as for his character and storyline, you'll just have to wait and see...

A BOY CALLED DAD 02/09/2008
A massive congratulations to ELLIE LEACH and SACHA PARKINSON who have been cast in the roles of Katie (ELLIE) and Leanne (SASHA) in the up and coming feature film 'A BOY CALLED DAD', which is due to go into production at the end of this month. This is a lovely finishing touch to the week for both girls, after Ellie's star role in the new Staples campaign, and Sacha completing post production for her new film 'AWAYDAYS' hitting the film festivals in October, and due to be on the big screen come March 09.

Look out for REBECCA FENWICK recently cast in the new Hoover TVC, and Tim Hennel in the new ident for Pilkington Tiles.

I've got a blue pen... A red pen... A green pen... Watch and listen out for ELLIE LEACH on the TV and Radio playing the lead role in the new Staples back to school campaign. Definately a star in the making!!! Well done Ellie!

New Sainsburys Family 08/08/2008
GREG TENCH has fought off competition for across the country and been selected to be Daniel in the new Sainsburys Campaign. Which will show various commercials running across the year. Well Done Greg!!! The first commercial will air on th 3rd of September 08

EA Games 08/08/2008
Look out for BRADLEY PHOENIX shaking hands with Wayne Rooney in the new EA Games Commercial.

Commercial Kids 11/07/2008
Well done to JORDAN HILL who has been cast as the lead in the new Actimel commercial alongside Sir Bobby Charlton, and also ELLIE LEACH and SAMUEL WILKS who will be playing brother and sister in a test TVC for Bold 2in1.

Trexx and Flipside 04/07/2008
If you have not yet heard, the series 'Trexx and Flipside', starring Laine Mgt's Tremayne Maynard, launches on July 6th, 7th and 11th with 'Faking It', followed by 'Little Orphan', 'Dead Cool', 'Bling', 'Plastic Wax' and 'Kings.'

The time slots are: Sunday 10.50pm, Monday 8pm, Friday 00:45 for six weeks on BBC 3.

WATERLOO ROAD 16/05/2008
Waterloo Road is due to start production with REECE NOI recently cast as EARL, part of a new family in the drama. You will recognise Reece from his extensive appearences in shows such as Emmerdale, Grange Hill, Shameless, Blue Blood and Dalziel and Pascoe to name but a few, and a variety of commercials. Shed Productions are welcoming back Waterloo Veteron Chelsee Healey as Janeece, and for their 2nd series, Lucy Dixon as Danielle, Tachia Newall as Bolton, and Lauren Thomas as Aleesha.

Clash of the Santas 01/05/2008
A big congratulations to Abbi Gray, who is currently shooting the one-off Xmas special for Northern Lights starring Robson Green, playing the role of Victoria.

Sunshine 06/05/2008
A familiar face from the Hovis 50/50 campaign, Grace Clarke, has recently finished shooting the role of Young Bernadette in Craig Cash's sunshine, starring Steve Coogan.
Grace started in the Laine Johnson Baby Class at 4 years old, and has gone from strength to strength. For more information on the workshop for 4 - 7 year olds, contact Andy at the office.

Borstal Boy 03/04/2008
A huge congratulations to the cast and production team of 'Borstal Boy', who have all arrived back safely from their week run off Broadway, New York.
The show was a real hit, with large and appreciative audiences, many of whom stayed behind to meet and congratulate the cast on the sheer realism and physicality of their peformances. Something which they are not used to in the glitz of most Broadway shows.

Watch out for Sacha in next weeks Shameless where she plays Tracy Kelvin, and also in BBC production CLAY, set in the 1960's, with a fabulous cast, which is this Sunday at 3.30pm

A hugh congratulations to MARCQUELLE WARD on being cast as one of the lead characters in up and coming ITV London production Britannia High, after fighting off competition nationwide. Congratulations Marcquelle!!!

Mrs Inbetweeny 06/03/2008
Check out BBC 3's new series 'Mrs Inbetweeny', repeated at various points during the week. With JAMES BARRATT as Little Nigel, and MELODY LEROY purchasing some very odd things from a charity shop for a lady of her maturity...

Smint 03/03/2008
Well done to JACOB ROBERTS who you will see shortly in the new Smint TVC, a nice little job before he heads off with Laine-Johnson Theatre Workshop to perform off-Broadway next week.

Hollyoaks... for a change of scenery 19/02/2008
Well done to MARC SILCOCK, who is due to start filming 12 episodes of Hollyoaks as new character, Eli, an old friend of Newt. A nice change for Marc who you may recognise as the late Fergal Maguire in Shameless, as well as his roles in Emmerdale, Waterloo Road, and Innocence.

E-ON TVC 19/02/2008
Keep an eye out for CRAIG ONSLOW, HYACINTH OLSEN, and Laine Management Veteron JANET TURNER in the new E-ON Commercial. This is soon to be not only on our screens, but whizzing across our mobile phones and computers.

Start Spreading The News! Broadway here we come... 22/01/2008
Laine-Johnson Theatre Workshop is making dreams come true, as Elaine and resident Artistic Director David Johnson, head to Broadway with a cast of 20 young actors, to perform Brendan Behan's 'Borstal Boy', at the Producer's Club, NYC.

The show will run for a week on Broadway, opening on St Patrick's Day, 17th of March 08

Trexx and Flipside 17/01/2008
A huge well done to TREMAYNE MAYNARD, after being cast as Tiger-Tee, in BBC 3's brand new show 'Trexx and Flipside', a comedy series about two DJ's. Filming will commence in February.

There's a Corry in CORRY ST 17/01/2008
Laughter has been sweeping across the offices at Granada Television as the gorgeous new born baby CHARLIE CORRY is to be Violet and Sean's newborn son. His mother was discovered at a Xmas Day party, by a member of the Laine Mgt team, three days before she was due to give birth.
Many Thanks to all concerned in getting him licenced in the New Year!!!

Commercial Debuts 08/01/2008
A big well done to Hollie Hyde and Jasmine Payne on being cast for their first commercials. Hollie is alongside Harvey Wilks in the new U CAN TVC, and Jasmine will appear in a commercial for Motor Today. Annie and Sam Chapman are also soon to appear in their first commercial, for Car Craft. Here's to many more!!!

Laine Management's mini reporters 12/12/2007
A huge congratulations to ELLIE LEACH, GRACE CLARKE & SCARLET BARRATT for beating off children from all around the country to become roaming reporters in the new child friendly factual show, 'WHAT'S YOUR NEWS?'.
Commiserations to their poor mothers who have to juggle the filming dates in London with all their festive planning.

Wrapping up for Xmas 12/12/2007
With Grange Hill and Waterloo Road Series 3 ending production in recent weeks, may we just take the opportunity to say well done to MIA SMITH (G'Hill-Chloe Moore), GRACE CASSIDY (G'Hill-Rachel Towers) for all their continued hard work shooting over in Liverpool for the past 6 months. Also to CHELSEE HEALEY (W'Loo Rd-Janeece Bryant), CRAIG FITZPATRICK (W'Loo Rd-Lewis Seddon), LUCY DIXON (W'Loo Rd-Danielle Harker), LAUREN THOMAS (W'loo Rd-Aleesha Dillon), TACHIA NEWALL (W'Loo Rd-Bolton Smilie) and CAITLIN HARRISON (W'Loo Rd-Sacha) for a fantastic new series!!!

. 22/11/2007

NEW DINGLE..... 16/06/2006
soon to be joining Emmerdale, look out for Joseph Gilgun who will be playing the new character 'Eli Dingle'. You may recognise Joe from his role as young 'Jamie Armstrong' many moons ago in 'Coronation Street'. And more recently from his appearances in 'Shameless' and 'Big Dippers'. CONGRATULATIONS JOE!!

DROP DEAD GOREOUS.... 16/06/2006
is the fantastic new series on BBC 3, with Linzey Cocker doing a brilliant job of playing the lead role of 'Jade'. Well Done Linzey!

LOOK OUT FOR............ 05/05/2006
Gregg Tench and Celine Constantinides, who can both currently be seen in the new Robinson's fruit drink Commercial. Very well done to both of them.

THE STREET 05/05/2006
Well done to both Sacha Parkinson and Lee Battle who play brother and sister 'Shannon and Connor' in the new series of 'The Street' currently showing on BBC 1 on Thursday evenings.

WATERLOO ROAD 09/03/2006
Starting tonight (Thursday) on BBC 1. Look out for Chelsee Healey, who plays the role of Janeece, Stephanie Laguna-Walker playing Stacey, Craig Fitzpatrick playing Lewis and Marc Silcock playing Anthony. Huge CONGRATULATIONS to all of them and all of our other young actors to took part in various episodes.

**NEWSFLASH** 24/01/2006
We at Laine Management and Laine Johnson are very pleased to announce that Laine Johnson Theatre Workshop has now moved into a fabulous 2 storey building, with 2 large studio/rehearsal rooms. Plus lots of office space and disabled access.

This move will enable us to offer other classes, such as musical theatre, singing, commercial musicianship, plus of course more drama based classes.

Our new building is situated central Manchester, just off Oxford Road and is easily accesible by bus, train and car.

If you are interested in any of the current or new classes or in any casting facilities that we now have available, please email

ALSO IN... 24/01/2006
Northern Lights, playing the roles of Daniel and Becky, David Atkins and Chloe O'Malley, both making their Television debut. Huge Congratulations to both of you.

WELL DONE... 24/01/2006
Linzey Cocker, Linzey is currently appearing not only in ITV's Northern Lights playing the lead of Brooke, but also on CITV playing the role of Roxy in Barking. Keep up the good work Linzey.

Joining Alex..... 19/01/2006
in Emmerdale, as Jamie's younger brother and sister (Carly and Josh Hope)are Marc Silcock and Rebecca Ryan. No doubt you recognise Rebecca from her role as Debbie Gallager in Channel 4's Shameless, the third series of which is currently showing on Tuesday evenings. Well done to both of them.

From Hollyoaks to Emmerdale... 19/01/2006
Congratulations to Alex Carter who has recently finished playing the popular role of Lee Hunter after 4 1/2 years in Hollyoaks, Alex leaves with 3 Comedy awards under his belt and can soon be seen playing the role of Jamie Hope in Emmerdale.

CONGRATULATIONS.... 07/11/2005
to Grace Cassidy who was recently see playing the role of 'Esme' in Marian Again, you may also recognise Grace from the Ufindus Commercial.

LOOK OUT FOR............ 07/11/2005
Natalie Richards, who can soon be seen playing the role of Nicolette in Coronation Street. You may recognise Natalie from her recent role as 'Frances' in Marian Again.

Well Done Natalie!

Shameless..... 07/11/2005
Series 3 soon to be completed, see's the return of Rebecca Ryan as Debbie Gallagher and Gerard Kearns as Ian Gallager. Joining Rebecca and Gerard in the new series are: Matthew Garrod as Rick and Jake Macdonald as Brian.

Grange Hill.... 07/11/2005
with the new series just completed, we'd like to say Congratulations on what we're sure will be another successful series of Grange Hill, to: Daniella Fray (Emma Bolton), Mia Smith (Chloe Moore), Reece Noi (Taylor Mitchell) and Tom Hudson (Baz Wainwright)

Apologies 05/10/2005
First of all apologies for those of you who have been visiting the news page over the past few months and noticed the lack of news, this has been due to a lot of work and updating on the website, coupled with a few technical hitches. However, we are back up and running again so thank you for sticking with us.

I'm pleased to say problems with the website have not overflowed into the office and here at Laine Management we have been really busy promoting our artistes and working on various new projects taking off in the North, as well as continuing our good relationship with clients based in London.

Please check in over the next few weeks for regular updates.


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